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Call us to get life insurance through major North Carolina and Florida licensed insurance companies and annuity assistance. Get help selecting a life insurance policy that works for you and discuss the many options to best meet your retirement goals.

Learn about the different types of policies

  • Term life insurance is a term policy for life coverage only. On the death of the insured it pays the individual the amount of the policy to the named beneficiary.  

  • Whole life insurance is a permanent policy that pays a death benefit to the beneficiary or provides the insured with a cash value that can be borrowed against or cashed in if necessary.

  • Universal life insurance provides a death benefit to the beneficiary as well as an investment and retirement vehicle for the insured.

Annuities are an investment vehicle that grows tax-deferred and can make payments to the owner at specified intervals, usually after retirement. There are various types of annuities that fit into two general categories including immediate and deferred.


Immediate annuities are where an investment has been made which immediately provides payments to the owner. A deferred annuity is a contract that is purchased for a specified period of time that grows tax deferred. Upon maturity, the deferred annuity can be rolled into another deferred annuity, an immediate annuity, or cashed out.

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